Golden Dragons PDX Dragon Boat Paddling Club

Golden Dragons Code of Conduct

Paddlers treat each other with respect and with a spirit of inclusion, cooperation, and team work. Paddlers work together to enhance the paddling experience for all. Paddling is a team, not individual, sport.

Some paddlers want to race, some want to recreate and socialize; all members are valued.

New paddlers and visitors are welcomed, and we work together to enhance their paddling experiences with us.

New paddlers, visitors, and experienced paddlers may receive coaching or advise from specified coaches or callers on their boat. Other paddlers refrain from giving advice and "coaching" on the boat.

Great efforts are made by many dedicated volunteers to clarify and specify operating procedures which are in writing and easy to access on our website. All members are expected to follow these procedures.

When members have disagreements with procedures or with other members, they take their concerns along with the person (s) with whom they have a disagreement (if unable to resolve them directly) to a board member who can best negotiate/resolve the issue (Head Coach, Race Director, Head Caller or Tiller, or Commodore).

Disagreements are resolved as fairly as possible, outcomes are accepted, other members are not then "lobbied", and members move on in a positive and constructive way. If a paddler feels unable to move on with a resolution, the Commodore's input is sought. Morale, good will, and acceptance are primary goals of all team members.

When paddlers disagree with Callers and Tillers while on the boat, aside from extreme and immediate safety concerns, paddlers will express their concerns on the dock to the caller or tiller or a board member only after they disembark.

We are an organization of volunteers who work very hard to ensure safety and positive recreational and/or competitive experiences for all members. Members who have ongoing concerns and opinions they want to share are asked to consider volunteering to serve on the board where they may do so.

We regularly expresses appreciation for each other and especially for all those who contribute to make our club a positive place to enjoy our river, stay fit, and make friends.

Thanks for your attention,

Commodore, Golden Dragons