Golden Dragons PDX Dragon Boat Paddling Club


Protocols for Emergencies on the River:

  • As soon as a paddler reports that he/she or a bench mate is in distress, the caller will direct one paddler to contact 911 and that person should remain on the line with the dispatcher.
  • The caller will maintain calm and focus in the boat and will make a determination with the tiller as to closest safe point where the boat can be unloaded: whether that be tying up to a dock or running the boat aground on a beach.
  • When paddlers are safe on land or dock, the victim should be stabilized on a firm surface and compressions begun.
  • The caller should direct a paddler or paddlers to possible lookout points to watch for rescue vehicles and direct them to location of the victim.

List of Docks:
East side of the river, North to South

  • Esplanade Dock
  • Fire House Dock - Rescue boat and EMT available
  • Wasabi Dock - Directly across from our marina
  • OMSI Dock - north or south of the submarine
  • Spirit Dock - south of the new bridge.
  • Ross Island Ramp
  • Ross Island Boat House
  • Floating House Boats - dock entry between 8th and 9th house counting from west

West side of the river, North to South

  • Our marina - quickest response location is inside by the kayak storage area
  • Zidell Ramp - Call ahead for an ambulance to get to the end of the ramp
  • Johns Landing Marina
  • Willamette Park Marina
  • Butterfly park house boats - ramp between 5th and 6th house counting from the south. Located just north of the Sellwood bridge on the west side