Golden Dragons PDX Dragon Boat Paddling Club

2021 Race Schedule

To express "interest" in any race:

1. You must be a Golden Dragons PDX member. To join go to Join GD Now, then come back here.

2. Inspect the list of races below and note those for which you wish to register.

3. Click "Member Login" above to the right.

4. Login with your GD login name and password.

5. Click the blue "Register Now" button on left of next screen.

6. Sign-up for any combination of race teams you wish, one team at a time. Your name will appear on the "Team List" link of each team within 2 days of signing up.

(NEVER use the "Someone else" radio button choice you will see on the Registration screen.)

For questions about Races, contact the Race Director.

Recreational Race Teams

Venue (with sponsor link)

Event Name Team Public Page Notes
All 2020 Races All Venues Canceled
TBA 2021 Oahu, HI

Hawaii DB Festival

Team List