Golden Dragons PDX Dragon Boat Paddling Club

How to Use Your Website Login

Club member login to website.

After completing the one-time Member registration, each member has a personal, private login to this website. A few of you share your login with your partner, so the same login/password works for either of you.

  • The password is private to you, and you may change it any time you want.
  • The login is used for access to your financial statement and online payment, members-only documents, and the club all-member team and your racing team(s).
  • Joining a race team requires you to login.

Logging in.

  • Click here to open another tab to do your login. This preserves this page of information in this tab for you to refer back to. If you don't need this page of instructions, click the "Member Login" button in the top menu bar in the upper right corner of the screen instead.
  • Enter your Username (email address) and password, and click "Sign-in" button. If your login fails, you can use the "Forgot password?" link to reset your password.
  • You'll see your "Member Account Home" screen, like the one below.
  • From here you can access all your personal and member-only information, all your teams, and make payments.

Pay your bill, after inspecting it.

  • When logged in at the Member Account Home, if you see a balance due (see above figure), click the "Pay Now" button. You will see your detailed financial statement explaining the balance.
  • Click the "Next" button and fill-in the usual card payment information. You can reduce the amount you pay as indicated below.

  • The card is charged right away. Once the transaction is completed, the balance due will reflect your payment as soon as you "refresh" that screen.

Inspect your bill.

  • When logged in at the Member Account Home, if you don't have an outstanding balance, but want to see your Account Balance statement to know what you have paid for, click the "My Registrations" button and the "Print Statement" button next to the item of interest.
  • Click "My Member Account Home" in the upper right corner to leave that screen.

Edit your profile.

  • When logged in at the Member Account Home, you can change information about yourself. Under Member Profiles, next to your name, click the "Edit Member Info" link.
  • Make the changes you wish. NB: if you wish to change your email address, please contact the webmaster first.
  • If you want to add or change your profile photo, please follow the instructions in the "Upload Your Photo" document here.
  • If you want to enable (or disable) your cell phone for receiving Text Alerts from the Commodores, make sure you declare (or remove) a "Cell Phone Carrier". (If your carrier is not be listed in this drop-down box, ask your carrier who is their underlieing cell service provider. E.g. Verizon is Xfinity Mobile's true provider.) Do the same for "All GD Members" team and race teams you are on, using the "Edit your own team profile..." section below.
  • Click the "Save Changes" button. Click "My Member Account Home" in the upper right corner to leave this screen.

Teams - All GD Members team, and Race teams.

Our website allows us to make teams - a permanent, club-wide "All GD Members" team, and seasonal race teams. To join each team you must specifically register for it, then click the Invitation link in the "Team Connect Invitation" email sent you. Connecting to a team website allows you to interact with any or all members of that team (email, phone, rosters) and view documents pertinent to that team.

Connect to a team website.

  • To connect to the website for the club "All GD Members" or any Race team you have already signed-up for, click the "View Team Assignments" button on the left in your "Member Account Home" screen (see Logging In section above),.
  • Click the "Team Page" button to the right of the team you are interested in.
  • The next screen will show the team webpage, OR it will show you green notice bar(s) like this.
  • If one of the green bar(s) names your team of interest, click "Accept this Invite Now".
  • Proceed with the sections below.

Communicating with individual team members.

  • Click the "Roster" link on the left.
  • Find the person you want and click (they are sorted alphabetically by first name).
  • The contact information that person allows is displayed on the right.
  • "<phone #>" you have to dial yourself.
  • "Send text" is a text msg to their phone.
  • "Send Team Connect msg" uses Blue Star (formerly Bonzi) to send an email (not recommended).
  • "<email address>" uses your usual email to compose and send one.

Sending email to all or many team members.

  • Click the "Email & Announcements" link on the left.
  • Click the "Create new email / announcement" link in the center.
  • Select one of the top two options at the top of the pop-up (see screenshots below). "Send an ..." sends email to everyone on the team. "Choose ..." sends email to members of your choice. ("Don't send ..." posts an announcement on the team feed, which is unlikely to be seen by anyone.)

  • Type in a subject.
  • Type in a message. You may cut and paste into the body of the message.
  • Optionally select "Post as an announcement in the team feed" if you want the system to keep a copy of this email.
  • Optionally select "Send a copy" to yourself.
  • Click "Send".

Edit your own team profile and choose what information to make available to the team.

  • Click the "Roster" link on the left.
  • Find yourself and click. There are two "edit" buttons, each providing unique info that you can edit at will.
  • To control what teammates see, click the black-on-blue "Edit" next to "Team Connect Profile".
  • On the right, edit or hide content as you can. Don't change your email address, although you can hide it from teammates.
  • If you want to enable your cell phone for receiving Text Alerts from the Commodores, make sure you declare a "Mobile Phone Carrier".
  • You can also change your password (which affects all of Stack Sports).
  • Click the blue "Save" at the top of the screen, and "Back to Home" on the left.

Retrieve team and members-only documents.

  • Scroll the left-side menu down, then click the "Forms, Docs and Files" link.
  • Click on the only document offered
  • In the doc that opens, click on the link offered.
  • When a new browser window opens, bookmark that page.
  • Then click the actual doc you want.
  • The bookmarking should save you from having to go through all this again.

Exit Team Connect.

  • Close the browser tab or the browser.